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Workouts - Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

A default under a credit facility represents a moment of high risk to a company. It can result in severe consequences, depending on the nature of the default. However, both sides may hope to mitigate the consequences by engaging in a workout or restr… Read More
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Should I Contact My Lender When Going Into Default?

For businesses with lines of credit or term loans, these times can bring a lot of uncertainty. You may find yourself wondering if you can stay in compliance with the terms of your credit facility, given the way your business results are trending. Wha… Read More
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CARES Act Loans - Is My Business Eligible?

The recently passed “CARES Act” provides opportunities for small businesses to obtain loans intended to cover things like the cost of payroll, rent, and utilities over the next couple of months, while the COVID-19 crisis continues. CARES Act loan… Read More
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What are Covenants?

Nearly all kinds of agreements include covenants. A covenant is a promise to do something — or not to do something, in the case of a “negative” covenant. In a loan agreement, covenants help the lender ensure that the business will remain as it… Read More
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Risks of Taking on Debt

Companies may hesitate to take on debt, concerned about the risks of debt investment. Debt — unlike equity — must be paid back when it comes due. Some loans even amortize, which means you have to make regular principal payments during the term as… Read More
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Why Borrow Money?

If you’re used to taking equity investments, you might not think about borrowing money. Smaller companies with shorter operating histories may think they don’t even qualify for debt investment (which may or may not be true). There are several goo… Read More
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