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Environmental & OSHA

Environmental & OSHA

Alker Law Group represents companies involved in environmental and OSHA cases. These cases may be criminal or civil in nature, alleging violations of federal, state, or local regulations intended to protect the environment or worker safety.

We understand how difficult it can be to navigate the complex array of rules and regulations in both the environmental and OSHA space, and our practice includes providing counseling in advance on how to comply with the rules. If an investigation is launched by a regulatory authority, we can walk through the process with you and help protect your interests. And in the event charges are brought or a lawsuit is filed, we can handle the defense.

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Attorneys:  Greg Alker

Greg Alker

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Greg Alker represents businesses, corporate officers and professionals in compliance and risk assessment matters, focusing on environmental, OSHA and criminal defense. He was a criminal prosecutor for more than twenty years.

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