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  • Alker Law Group represents companies involved in both Federal OSHA and Cal/OSHA Cases.
  • Have you been red tagged?
  • Have you received a stop work order?
  • Do you need help with figuring out what to say and how to comply with an inspector?
  • Is there a safety engineer requesting access to your premises?
  • Do you want to take a proactive step towards making sure your business is in compliance with the regulations?
  • Are you familiar with all the various California OSHA regulations?
  • Your first contact with an inspector or a safety engineer can make the difference between no filing and a citation or worse.
  • Agencies may file criminal or civil cases often arising out of citations or violations.
  • Either a prosecutor or an agency can allege violations of federal, California, or local regulations regarding worker safety.
  • We have worked with many of these administrative and prosecutorial agencies.
  • Alker Law Group is here to help, because our firm knows the regulations and the law.
  • Our partners are familiar with the legal theories that prosecutors use to file cases. We know when these are not solid.
  • Greg Alker personally knows or has been in contact with many of these regulators and prosecutors.
  • Alker Law Group will make a difference with your defense.

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Attorneys:  Greg Alker

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